A Plea for the Restoration of My Family's American Rights

Dear fellow Americans,

I write to you today with a heavy heart and a plea for the restoration of our family's fundamental American rights. Every day that passes, my family loses precious moments we can never reclaim. As Americans, we should never have to endure the pain of having our children taken from us without a fair trial by a jury of our peers, without substantial evidence of abuse or neglect.

My two youngest children are currently with strangers, scared and confused, believing that their parents have abandoned them. The truth is that we have been unjustly separated from them, stripped of our parental rights and subjected to decisions that have forever altered our lives.

As a mother, it is unimaginable to bear the burden of being told I am no longer fit to care for my own children, to witness their names changed, and to see them placed in unfamiliar environments. The law states that there should be proof of substantial abuse before such drastic actions are taken. Social workers are meant to be least intrusive, yet their actions have torn my family apart.

I refuse to rest until my children are safely back in their own beds, where they belong. But my fight extends beyond my family; it is a battle for all families who have suffered a similar fate. No parent should have to experience the heartache of having their children taken away and placed with strangers.

I implore you to stand with me, to lend your support, and to join our cause. Together, we can bring attention to the flaws in the current child protection system and demand policy reforms that prioritize family preservation. We have strength in numbers, and it's time to unite against a system that is causing so much pain and suffering to countless families across our nation.

If you believe that having your children taken from you and placed in unfamiliar hands is one of the worst nightmares imaginable, please stand with us. Like and follow me to join our movement, or reach out via email to share your stories and experiences. Together, we can create change and ensure that no other family endures the same horrible fate.

Let us uphold the sanctity of family and protect the rights that make our nation great. Together, we can create a brighter future for our families and all those who come after us.

With hope and determination,

Londin River. And Skys mom forever!


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